Album: Grand Theft Auto III
Label: Game Recordings

The Alchemist: “I remember we did it at D&D and my big homie Jonathan Shecter [Founder Of Game Records] was in the building. It was a time when we were all still coming up. Working with Royce. who was one of the better MC’s coming up at the time, it was good for all of us. It reminds me of those other records we had, we had a whole batch but I don’t remember if they came out because we were working a lot at the time.

“Royce is doing a lot and I'm happy to see where he's at now. It’s beautiful to see how he stuck it out and came full circle to be someone you can genuinely be proud of as a friend and as a fan. For his shit to come full circle and be where he's at now is motivating. And he's ridiculous on the mic.”