Album: Internal Affairs
Label: EMI, Priority, Rawkus

The Alchemist:“I wanted Prodigy to use that beat. Pharoahe Monch came to my crib, we were listening to beats, and he liked that beat. I told him I wanted to give it to Prodigy but then I played it for him and after it went off he was like, ‘I don’t want any of these other beats. I just want that beat.’ I was like, ‘Alright let me make sure first with Prodigy first.’


Pharoahe was the best and he still is the greatest of all time.


“I remember calling Prodigy. That beat was something I wanted P to rhyme on, not something he wanted to rhyme on. So he was like, ‘Cool, [he can have it].’ It’s funny cause even on the credits for the album, Pharoahe told Prodigy good looking out for the beat.

“Pharoahe was the best and he still is the greatest of all time. He was just not human. Evidence will tell you that too. Pharoahe was on a level above everything for so long, even to this day he's not human with the way he puts his words, deliveries, and concepts together. Being able to work with him meant a lot to me. To this day it still does. It’s just that type of shit you never expect would happen. Pharoahe Monch is still another level.”