Album: Kiss Tha Game Goodbye
Label: Interscope, Ruff Ryders

The Alchemist: “There was some confusion [between Jadakiss and Ras Kass with this beat ]. They were both good friends of mine at this point and before that so it was a lot of bullshit confusion. Raz is incredible, Jada is incredible. They’re both great artists. I think maybe the Jadakiss record stuck a little more for whatever reason. Who knows?

“But I can go further back than that. I tracked that beat for Nas before even all that. He didn’t end up getting on it. He ended up putting Nashawn on it but that version never made it. I mean, with beats you shop them around and things happen.


I tracked that beat for Nas before even all that [drama with Jadakiss and Ras Kass].


“I remember doing the Jadakiss session. I went to Yonkers and after we tracked the beat Kiss went in the booth and after the first line it was over. When he was like, ‘They gotta use the scales that they weigh the whales with,’ It was like here we go! It was already it was a wrap. Jada and Styles chemistry on that song is crazy.

“Kiss was like, ‘You’re gonna be real rich. Real rich, kid.’ He was gassing me up. It was like the early stages but that whole crew always showed me nothing but love. You meet a lot of artists and you meet their inner circle and you get to know a lot of people in this game but their crew, and everybody around them, are nothing but good people. They show me nothing but love and I do the same back. More than just work and music. It’s a great connection and they can get whatever from me.”