Album: Bulletproof Wallets
Label: SME, Epic

The Alchemist: “That one seems to have stood the test of time. I see them rocking that on stage these days and it gets a good response whenever I play the sets with Just Blaze. That was through Matty “Matty C” Capoluongo and Schott “Free” Jacobs who were always good friends of mine who always looked out for me.

“I wasn’t there for the recording but that was a huge deal for me because I was collecting new names of great people that I have been able to work with to add to the list like, ‘Wow, doing joints for Ghostface. That’s on another level.’ I wish that I linked up with him and we coulda gone further but I don’t think that I was ready as a producer.

“I was on my beatmaking thing at the time and it called for what it called for at the time, for me to send a beat and for people to do what they will do to it. Today I would tell Ghost, ‘Come to the lab and I guarantee you whatever we make together is gonna work.’ If I gotta make a beat on the spot or go over something I got, I just feel working together is iller.”