Disagreement between Paul McCartney and George Harrison boiled over during the filmed sessions for the Beatles’ album Let It Be, when, while rehearing the song “Two Of Us,” Harrison became sufficiently fed up with McCartney’s instruction on what and how to play that he announced he was quitting the band and left (John Lennon was unconcerned and suggested they hire Eric Clapton as a replacement). Harrison returned quickly and the band completed two more albums before breaking up, after which Harrison released his first proper solo album, All Things Must Pass, a three-disc set -- he later complained that McCartney’s emphasis of his own songs led the band to disregard Harrison’s, which is why the album was so long. Harrison’s disdain for McCartney lasted for years; in 1984, when McCartney issued Give My Regards to Broad Street, an album of re-recordings of his old songs, Harrison snipped in a television interview that he’d lost his creativity.