Finally reaching us at the beginning of autumn, G.O.O.D. Music's debut album, Cruel Summer, finds Kanye West, Common, Big Sean, Pusha T, 2 Chainz, John Legend, and a host of features at their best. While it was frequently delayed, Cruel Summer was led by a string of massively successful singles, including “Mercy” and “Cold,” and the LP holds up as a full-length project, as well.

The result of the crew's year of work is a mix of Kanye's dark fantasies, Big Sean's obsession with fame and success, Pusha T's cocaine dreams, and a slew of other ideas. The themes blend beautifully, flowing without direction but ending up at the same place. G.O.O.D. Music is stacked with talent more rich than any other collective right, and their new compilation shows it.

Here are the 10 best lines from Cruel Summer, as selected by Rap Genius writer Gavin Matthews.

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