Earlier today, Roscoe Dash went on a bit of a Twitter rant, expressing his frustrations about not being credited on G.O.O.D. Music's Cruel Summer album. He also tweeted about how he wasn't credited as a writer on Wale and Miguel's song "Lotus Flower Bomb." 

We got in touch with Miguel after Roscoe's tweets to get to the bottom of the situation, and Miguel told us, "If he wrote a part of it, he should get credit for it, but as far as I know, the people who deserve credit on the song are listed." He also added, "Twitter is not the place to handle business."

Well, Roscoe jumped back on Twitter tonight, and replied to Miguel's comments directly. See below.

Update. Miguel responds, and Meek Mill jumps in too.

Update #2. Roscoe responds.

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