R. Kelly is ready to hit the road again with a whole concept tour called the Single Ladies Tour. What that entails remains to be seen, but you can expect that the R&B singer will be creating a fun experience filled with surprises.

Inspired by his new song “Feelin’ Single,” the 22-date tour starts on October 13 in Columbia, South Carolina. A mix of old and new school Kelly will definitely be present considering songs from Write Me Back are fan favorites. He also promises that the tour will be recorded both on audio and video to be packaged as a documentary.

"Make no mistake about it; R. Kelly is gonna do old school R. Kelly. There'll be a lot of the “12 Play” version of R. Kelly, mixed with the gentleman R. Kelly,” he said in an interview with Billboard.

Aside from Kelly preparing for his national tour, he is responsible for some impressive vocals on Kanye West's “To The World,” the opener to G.O.O.D. Music’s compilation, Cruel Summer. When asked about how it came together, the Chicago native felt very honored to be working with a local veteran.

“Kanye sent me a track he was working on. I sent it back. He sent it back to me, I sent it back to him... until we had something,” he said. “It felt good to both of us. He trusts my talent and I trust his talent. I knew Kanye way before he was known. We've always had fun in the clubs or wherever we were, just kickin' it, but we never had a chance to get in the studio before and hook up like this, and I'm just glad we finally got that chance. I'm just very honored to be on this track working with him."

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