Album: Tragic Kingdom
Label: Trauma/Interscope
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Tony: “I remember writing that in my bedroom at my parents house in Yorba Linda. I had gotten a 4-track tape machine and that was after Eric had left so it was like, ‘We’ve got to write.’ I came up with this riff, and Gwen came in. I remember we sat there and just worked on this song, we just put different ideas down, and we took it to the band and everyone liked it.

“When we were first working on it, before we went in the studio, it was way slower. It was almost kind of like a funky groove song because it was so much slower.”

“I remember Tony and Gwen wrote that one. Gwen had gone to Tony’s house, and we used to write songs—it would be either me and Gwen, like ‘Just A Girl’ was me and Gwen with just a tape recorder, or Tony and Gwen with a tape recorder. Tony gave me the cassette tape, and was like, ‘Can you learn this? Can you figure out some guitar parts for it?’ I just remember taking that cassette tape home, and it was just Tony on bass and then Gwen singing in the bedroom, and I was like, ‘Oh my god this song is really good.’ You get that feeling like ‘This is a great song. How’d they write this?’"