Album: Return of Saturn
Label: Interscope
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Tony: “‘New’ came out before the album came out, because that was on the Go movie soundtrack. We were working on Return of Saturn, and one of the songs we had was ‘New.’ We were talking to the director of the movie, and he really liked the song and thought it would be perfect for the movie. We were cool with that, because we saw a rough-cut or something, and it’s such a great movie. I love playing that song live. I can’t wait to get back into that song live.”

Adrian: “‘New’ was written on the road during the touring of Tragic Kingdom. Sometimes I wonder if that’s the best record on Return of Saturn that we made musically, I don’t know. There are times where I have felt that."

Tom: “‘New’ was the only song I remember that we ever wrote while on tour. That was a song that me and Gwen wrote. I kind of have vague recollections of being in the back of a tour bus writing that. That song goes over really well live. There’s something about that song, people love to sing that chorus. One of my favorite things about that song at a concert is to pick out the most unlikely passionate person in the world to sing that. From my vantage point on stage, I’m looking at the audience, and I pick out the least likely person to be at a No Doubt concert and usually it’s an older, grey-haired or bald guy or something, and I'll see him sing that song. People go crazy after singing that song. I love that song because it’s so funny. Not in a bad way, but in an awesome way to see people let loose."


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