Album: The Singles
Label: Interscope
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Tony: “We knew we were going to go on a break, and we were going to put The Singles 1992-2003 record out, and we wanted to put out a new recording for that record. We haven’t released a cover song ever as a single. We went through a list of songs and I think it came down to two or three songs. That was the one that I remember we were sitting with Jimmy Iovine, who runs Interscope Records, on his patio at his office in Santa Monica. We all made the decision that it was going to be ‘It’s My Life.’ We did that with Nellee Hooper, and he did just an incredible job producing that song. We were such big fans of Talk Talk, and we’re such big fans of that song. I hope we did it justice. I’m really proud of what we did, and I hope they feel the same way. People really like that version.”

“You look back on it now and lyrically for Gwen, it was a very interesting statement, because she was about to embark on her solo stuff. It was kind of like, ‘Okay, it’s my life, I’m going to go do this stuff now.’ It really did make a lot of sense—it does make a lot of sense.”

Adrian: “I have the cassette of ‘It’s My Life’ by the band Talk Talk from when I was a teenager, so that wasn’t a hard choice for me. I just thought, ‘Wow, I would love to play this song' and when it was discussed with the band, it felt exciting.”

Tom: “It felt really natural. We knew we were trying to make a single. We just got lucky that it came out really well, and it really worked. In the video, we had fun with this idea-we knew we weren’t breaking up as a band, but to the rest of the world it looked like that, but we knew we weren’t. We were just going to take a break. The idea in the video was Gwen was going to kill us, which is basically what happens in the video, we’re her different lovers."