Album: Tragic Kingdom
Label: Trauma/Interscope
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Tony: “That was another one where we had different versions of that song, and I believe if I’m correct, on that song we had kind of a more mellow version, but we wanted to record the version that you hear now, more of a harder version. I do remember that we recorded a version of that song and somehow it got lost, and we had to go back in and re-record it. I love that song. I think about the video that Sophie [Muller] made for it and it’s cool.”

“When we recorded that, we used to play it the way it is now, and our producer wanted us to play it almost kind of like a country-shuffle, and so we gave it a shot. We later decided that we didn’t really like that, but the other version was erased from the tape. We had to go back in—it must’ve been months later—we re-recorded it the way we used to play it.”