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One of hip-hop’s most polarizing figures, Kreayshawn, recently shed some light on her personal life and career in an interview with DDot Omen. The Oakland girl chats about singing to Columbia, her upcoming album, Somethin 'Bout Kreay and her relationships with other artists.

Kreay notes that while she and her former Twitter rival Azealia Banks were making the festival circuit in Japan they had an opportunity to patch things up. “There wasn’t like a problem,” she says. “Just a misunderstanding and was easily fixed.” Kreayshawn also went into detail about her recent collaboration with KiD CuDi:

"The homie Jean Baptiste, the executive producer of my album, my homie. He’s like friends with him and he [Cudi] was just coming by the studio, hangin out and shit. Me and CuDi got into this conversation about punk [rock] and we were watching his short films and his acting stuff like that. It was cool, cause he was really different as an artist, kinda like I am, so we could create something make a punk song. I don’t know, it just kinda wasn’t like a plan. I don’t know, maybe Jean secretly planned it but it was cool. We literally had the idea to make the song and then made it, like at the moment of the idea. Right and then there. He also made the the guitar riffs in it, it doesn’t have like a production beat, it’s really simple, just drums and guitar, which he played."

She went on to say that she’d like to further her career as a filmmaker with videos for “hella people” including, hopefully, Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller and Diplo. Read the entire interview over at DDot Omen and pick up Somethin 'Bout Kreay September 18 via Columbia.

[via DDot Omen]