Kendrick Lamar is the star of the hip-hop world this week. While his upcoming album good kid, m.A.A.d city, is due out  October 22, let’s not forget about his joint mixtape with J.Cole.

There have been flicks of Kendrick and Cole in the studio and it was revealed a few months ago that the North Carolina native would be producing the project. Now, in a recent interview with MuchMusic, K.Dot says that they were in the studio just two days ago in New York.

Read on to find out what’s keeping the project from releasing, as well as how the Compton-ite collaborated with Lady Gaga for “PARTYNAUSEOUS.”

On his project with J.Cole:

"We was in the studio two days ago when I was in New York, just vibing out. So we constantly making music, and just the fact that he’s aware that my album is coming out and he’s aware that I’m focused on that. That’s the energy I’m exerting right now, it’s my debut. So once that’s off the ground, you’ll definitely see that."

On his collaboration with Lady Gaga:

We got something in the works. She reached out just being a fan of Hip Hop, being a fan of music. It was unbelievable at first, ‘til she called me on that line and rapped my lyrics, and I was like, this is true. She’s incredible. I love her originality and that’s what I think music is built on, it’s supposed to move people and move people to be their own individuals and that’s what I love the most about it. ['PARTYNAUSEOUS'] one of them, we did a few."

[via HipHopDX]

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