Dr. Dre’s mystical album Detox shows no signs of getting a concrete release date any time soon. In a recent interview with Kendrick Lamar on Power 98 FM, he further confirms that fans might have to wait another decade for Dre’s third album.

Lamar, who stopped by the radio station to promote his own album good kid, m.A.A.d city, couldn’t give a proper estimate for Detox’s release. Two singles from the album—“Kush” and “I Need A Doctor—brought the excitement back, but it has stalled since then. However, Kendrick reminded us whenever Dre feels ready, we’ll hear the album.

“Dre is definitely a perfectionist,” he said. “I’m going to say this, y’all will get it when you get it. When he feels it’s time, then it’s time.”

Aside from discussing Detox, Kendrick also spoke on his recent single, “Swimming Pools (Drank).” He explained his inspiration for the record and how it came from growing up around witnessing the positive and negative effects of consuming alcohol.

"["Swimming Pools"] really just comes from the experience of being in a household where there's a lot of alcohol," he said. "I was growing up in a household where we had lots of house parties and stuff like that, just taking the lifestyle and putting it into a song and getting advice out there [that] you can be a drunk, or you can drink casually.”

[via Power98FM]