If you thought Fabolous' "So NY" record was going to cause some controversy, it does. But it's in an unexpected form. According to a producer named Kenoe (most known for his contributions to Nicki Minaj "Beez In The Trap"), he submitted the "So NY" beat to Loso not too long after the comments Lil Wayne made about not liking New York. Rather than get the production credit, he chose not to be associated with that because of his affiliation with the Young Money boss. 

Kenoe explains what happened next: "I check back with [Fab's people] and he told me they decided to not use the beat. Then I get a call today from my people and they like 'Fab drop[ped] this record,' and they sent it to me and when I heard [it] I hear[d] the same elements and exact same drum pattern. I'm like, damn. Just Blaze [is] supposed to be a big-time producer but he is not creative enough to make a whole new beat on his own?"

It will be interesting to find out what Just Blaze has to say about this. 

[via HHW]