CyHi The Prynce held his own on the recently released G.O.O.D. Music debut LP, Cruel Summer. While the reviews are coming in, CyHi has finally found some time to sit back and enjoy the album’s release.

In an interview with XXL, the ATLien related the big time feel of Cruel Summer like he was releasing his own debut album.  He gave his thoughts on the album leaking, which he believed only built anticipation for it more.

Even though he was one of the members heavily involved in the recording sessions with Kanye West, there are still criticisms of his music not getting enough attention behind stars Pusha T and Big Sean. He speaks on finding success in his position with G.O.O.D. Music and reveals that The Hardway Musical and Royal Flush 3 are in the works.

Read some excerpts from the interview below.

On the "Cruel Summer" release and leaking days before:

"It [feels] like my debut album. It’s crazy ’cause I was there during most of the album. Like the creative process and you know, we started from scratch until now. So it’s like to see your girlfriend who’s pregnant have your daughter or son [Laughs]. You go through nine months just to see this day you know what I’m saying.
"People don’t understand that the leak, for us, gives it more anticipation. Our following is really like a cult following so, with ’Ye he does things with the booklets, the artwork on the album and different things that fans want to be able to have. So it’s all good man."

On his position within G.O.O.D. Music:

"People don’t know that Sean was signed for five years before he popped. He was there for five years, I’ve been signed for two years. People don’t really get it because I can really rap. So, they expect me to be this, this, this and the third, but at the end of the day it’s not just ‘Ye, it’s Def Jam too, and Def Jam got artists—like, okay, we got 2 Chainz on the roster, we got Pusha T, we got Big Sean—these are guys that have already put out gold, platinum selling albums."
"Like I said, Kobe didn’t start his first year—Eddie Jones started [Laughs.] and when they couldn’t win it with Eddie Jones then, you know, Kobe came off the bench and just took over. "This is my second year—this is my sophomore season. Everybody don’t just come in and ball out. The Lakers or the Miami Heat drafted me where there’s already LeBron and D. Wade on the team. If I got to the Bobcats, I’m the starting shooting guard [laughs]. So, people don’t understand—but I’m cool. As long as I get my ring and my check, I’m good. [Laughs.]"

On his upcoming projects:

“We’re just now starting [with The Hardway Musical.] I’m gathering different producers and who I want to work with now. ’Ye gave me a couple tracks too, so— we’re just now starting. It’s in the infant stages, I mean the fetus stages of it.
"I’m working on [Royal Flush 3] right now. I’m doing Ivy League Homecoming first, and then I’m doing Royal Flush 3. I like my Royal Flushes to be real wintertime music so I can really give them that hip-hop."

[via XXL]

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