"Some of you niggas mad the sport normally happens to be skateboarding/But that gives us 4 wheels to roll over you niggas" ("So Dedicated", DJ Drama)


"I’m wylin’ out on my skateboard/She ridin’ dick like racecars" ("Same Damn Tune")


"I’m skatin’ and rappin’ at the same damn time" ("Same Damn Tune")


"Yeah skate rebel gun at my waist level/Bitch yellow, tape yellow, give you an H-A-L-O"("Mercy")


"Fuck wrong with these fuck niggas, I been balling since ‘98/Fuck y’all I’d rather skate, shoot you up in your database"("Mercy")


"Real niggas with real money real bitches with fake asses/If she don’t wanna fuck I get on my skateboard and I skate passed her"("Burn")


"Ha Laughing at you fuck boys/Skate gear I’m a Truk boy" ("Amen," Boo)


"It’s pussy money and kush, skateboards and shrooms/These niggas think they the shit? These niggas perfume"("Get Smoked")


"Also, I built a skate park down there to get the kids off the streets. You’re welcome."("A Dedication")