Remember how popular jerseys used to be in hip-hop? Before Jay-Z inspired everyone to "change clothes," there was more athletic apparel at rap concerts than there was at sports games. And even before the throwback era, jerseys reigned supreme in the '90s, too. But sports are timeless, and although hip-hop's style has drastically changed in recent years, rappers still love to rep for today's sports stars, keeping the jersey look alive.

That wonderful time of year when football, baseball, basketball, and hockey are all on at the same time is right around the corner. With that in mind, and our always present obsession with music, we got UpNorthTrips to compile this gallery of 100 Photos of Rappers Wearing Sports Jerseys. The pictures span across a couple of decades, and they're all pretty awesome. Continue on to check them out.

Above: Q-Tip, NY Yankees