When we asked No ID about the friendly rivalry between himself, Common, and Twilite Tone during the making of Resurrection, his answer was simple and perfect, “Steel sharpens steel.” It seems that same philosophy was present while The Blueprint was created. Jay-Z says the battles between Kanye and Just Blaze were “like a heavyweight slugfest.”

Jay explained, “Just would peep his head in and hear what me and Kanye was doing and would just go back mad. Like, go back and just go [pounds fist on table], and just come in and be like, ‘Yo.’”

Meanwhile, Bink! (who quietly contributed three crucial cuts to the album) felt he was being short-changed. Def Jam A&R Lenny Santiago recalled, “I remember personally arguing with Bink because he wanted an equal amount with Just and Kanye, as far as beats placed on the album. [Laughs.] I told him, ‘Bink, man, you got, like, two or three joints on this. What is wrong with you?’”

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