Twitter: @MachFiveUSA
Pros: Has fun rapping, doesn’t take themselves too seriously.
Cons: Teeters along a fine line of whether to be taken seriously or not.
Essential Listening: Ratchet Shit Vol. 3

Five years ago there was a scene dubbed “Otherground Atlanta.” Mach Five came in at the tail end of it and people weren’t all the way sure about these dudes when they first came out. They kinda came off as “lifestyle rappers,” you know guys that we’re rapping because they were popular around town and had some free time.

But this year alone they’ve released a trilogy of projects called Ratchet Shit and have worked with a wide spectrum of artists including Bilal, Danny Brown, and Gangsta Boo, and have worked past many of the “otherground” artists that came before them.