Lil Reese: “I knew [Chief Keef] since we were little. We from the same block and area. We all been around each other all our life. We were just cooling and just tweaking. You know how kids get. You just start making up shit.

”They was noticing all of us around the same time. We were dropping mixtapes a long time ago [before Back From The Grave]. Everything just found its place.

”We would record wherever we wanted to. We would record in the crib. We had our own studio so we were down there most of the time. Wherever we did it, we would make it happen. It’s more fun now [after signing to record labels], because it’s more like we’re doing what we want to do.

"If I was in the studio, I would rap. I’ve always rapped. I did so since I was about 10 years old. We had our own studio and somebody to mix it for us. We had stuff that we could do instead of being in the streets going crazy.”