It’s no secret that it’s tough in the streets of Chicago. From crime to poverty to gangs, Chi-Town's inner city is the very picture of urban strife. Lil Reese is one of the many born in the Midwest struggle, but after signing a record deal with Def Jam, he's on pace to make something out of nothing.

The raps that come from his clique, Glory Boyz Entertainment, are often characterized by the grim nature of their surroundings. Their style may not be the most poetic, but but their grind is notable. When “I Don’t Like”—a coup de grace of aggression—dropped, with Kanye’s remix following soon after, heads turned their attention towards Chief Keef and the gang. A large part of the song's success was Lil Reese’s verse, which included his famous “Fredo in the cut, that’s a scary sight” line.

Now, Lil Reese has the tools to become a mainstay. His Don’t Like mixtape is buzzing and GBE has remained relevant, despite an onslaught of critics who question their talent. Complex spoke to Reese about those critics, making "I Don't Like," and what's on the horizon. The 19-year-old MC isn't a man of many words, but even his brevity is telling. Continue reading to find out, Who Is Lil Reese?

As told to Brian Josephs (@Bklyn_Rock)