Yesterday, we posted about an interview that producer Bangladesh did with XXL where he said Swizz Beatz was irrelevant, and then how he backpedaled after it on Twitter by sending Swizz a tweet saying he was relevant. Well, Swizz Beatz was interviewed earlier by ThisIs50 on the set of his new video, and responded to Bangladesh's comments. Swizz says, "Y'all gonna start this relevant sh*t, man? Don't let this clown pump you up with this relevant [stuff]. We at this video shoot right now, right?"

He continues, saying, "It's all positive energy from me, man. I can't get in that zone. I'm just happy to be here. Been doing it since '98, you know, over 300 something million records sold, domestically." Watch above, and stay tuned to see if this producer feud gets worse or fizzles out. 

[via XclusivesZone]