Lil Wayne doesn't have the fondest memories of New York City. He caught a gun charge in 2007 there, which led to him spending a year locked up on Rikers Island in 2010. And more recently, there was the Hot 97 controversy that led to him pulling all his Young Money artists out of Summer Jam 2012 including Nicki Minaj. Which is probably why when he was asked in an interview with MTV about his live performance in NYC with Nicki Minaj last week, he started his response by saying, "Flat out, I don't like New York."

That said, Wayne did have some nice things to add about last week's show with Nicki, saying, "Last week was awesome." He continued, "I believe everything happens for a reason and then you make the most of that reason. I think we made the most of it last week." Watch the interview clip, filmed in Las Vegas at the Magic Convention, above. And below, Weezy talks about his new Supra line.

[via Miss Info]