Montreality caught up with Kendrick Lamar after finishing up his set on the Jones Beach stop of the Under The Influence tour last week in New York, and they asked him if he ever met Eminem. Kendrick replied saying, "Yes, I have met him. It was real brief. I know I'm supposed to be getting in the studio with him, but we bumped heads, and he said he was a fan of my music, and he loved that fact that I'm a part of the family, and that we'll see each other. I'm still waiting on that second meeting."

When asked if fans can expect a collaboration from them in the future, Kendrick added, "Yeah. Definitely can expect a record." This is good news, especially following yesterday's false reports about an Em, Kendrick, and Lady Gaga collabo. Watch the full interview above, where Kendrick also talks about wanting to work with Erykah Badu, and advice Dr. Dre has given him. 

[via Montreality]