Album: Soundbombing
Producer: Shawn J. Period

One of the first things that jumped out about Yasiin Bey is his charisma. He's easy to get into since he "Roll of the tongue like L-M-N-O." He lays out a quick, stylish verse with ease, and that was only the intro.

What follows next is madness. You have an Eddie Murphy reference over here, a He-Man reference over there, a Richard Pryor name drop on the side, sprinkled with a Parkay shoutout. It's all fun stuff.

Before he sets the whole thing off, Mos Def disclaims, "I'm trying to keep it eye level. I ain't trying to beat nobody in the head... Well, not yet anyway." He never really beat anybody in the head despite the large number of introspective lyrics he'd drop over the years, which is why fans keep coming back.