Age: 39
Label: Shady/Interscope
From: Detroit, MI
Active Since: 1992
Twitter: @Eminem
Career Highlights: He's ranked as the best selling artist of the 2000s, has achieved 10 No. 1 albums on Billboard lists, was the first artist to win Best Rap Album for three consecutive LPs, and has won a total of 13 Grammys during his career. He founded Shady Records, and was the first rap artist to win an Academy Award for Best Original Song.

Last decade, Eminem inspired a generation to put up their middle fingers to authority. That's what happens when you have such an enormous amount of talent and charisma on the mic. As the decade's best-selling artist, Shady made some of rap's greatest albums and spit some of the wickedest freestyles ever heard. Even these days, he's still breaking records with songs like "Love The Way You Lie," which spent seven weeks at No.1 on the Hot 100. Even his runner-up on this list, Kanye West, has called Eminem the "biggest" rapper of all-time. 13 years after the Slim Shady LP dropped, it remains a very valid claim.