Album: Dreamchasers 2
Label: Maybach Music Group/Warner Bros.
Producer: Jahlil Beats

Big Sean and Meek Mill have both had massive solo singles before ("Dance (A$$)," "Ima Boss," respectively), but this is the year that they both truly stepped out from under the shadow of their very famous mentors. For Big Sean, that's meant undeniably great guest verses for artists like Lil Wayne, Wale, and Justin Bieber. For Meek Mill, that's meant spitting neck-and-neck with Rick Ross on MMG songs and handling the lead-up to his Dreams & Nightmares album with more hit singles of his own. It's only right, then, that the two would come together and turn out one of the hottest songs of the summer.

Jahlil's beat sounds like music that gets played at the entrance gates to hell, and fittingly, Meek and Sean rap like it's their last chance to make an impression before Judgment Day. With each starting a new verse every few bars, their back-and-forth is loaded with a clear desire to outshine the other, but also, chemistry. The high point is when Meek says, "Shorty give me all that brain and still ain't never learned shit" and Sean swoops in to add insult to injury: "Oh that's your girl? Damn nigga you ain't learn shit." The song is packed with brilliant exchanges of that sort, and neither MC lets up for its duration, easily making "Burn" a landmark moment in both of their discographies.