Check the videos below for a look at what went down at the Portland, OR, show on the uncapped tour, presented by vitaminwater in partnership with The Fader.  Each stop on the tour thus far has featured two different musicians from contrasting genres; this time, the audience got to sample the work of indie rock band Best Coast, and West Coast rapper Kendrick Lamar. The Lumberyard Bike Park, normally a spot where extreme athletes get their grind on, did some genre-bending of its own by playing host to this event.

Best Coast, fronted by singer/guitarist Bethany Cosentino, carries the torch for the female-led bands of the Grundge era, from Hole to Mazzy Star. As you’ll hear in the interview below, however, Bethany is very much influenced by her California heritage and the classic rock born from that scene during the ’50s and ’60s.

Kendrick Lamar is another LA native, but from a very different part of SoCal’s largest city. His word to describe his hometown is “unpredictable,” but he also recalls that at the best of times, there were oldies on the stereo (in his case, the songs of Marvin Gaye).

The Portland crowd was in for a special treat when Kendrick and Bethany took the stage together to perform the live premiere of Kendrick’s song “No Make-Up (Her Vice).” Let there be no doubt that in this day in age, genres can blend fluidly, and artists are artists, no matter what labels might have been applied to their work.

Click here for more exclusive video, and to learn about upcoming performances in the uncapped tour, including shows including stops in Austin, Detroit, and the final show in New York City.


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