Delaware-based artist Walt Fraze just dropped his damn-good new mixtape, Blue, that finds the promising rapper-producer embracing what he refers to as the "Jiggy sound." In his words:

“When people listen to it, I want them to feel it. Like the genre is “Jiggy shit”, I want people to listen to it before to school and feel jiggy… I wanted to make a upbeat, happy type of project, cause most of my stuff is dark.”

You can definitely hear that hip-hop subgenre's influence here, along with the current landscape's affinity for airy, albeit booming, beats. Speaking of, Fraze decided to collaborate on the production side of Blue, which finds him spitting over backdrops from cats like MP The God and Lazy Kev.

Blue is available for streaming and downloading below.

Mixtape: Walt Fraze Blue [DOWNLOAD]

[via RubyHornet]