Rick Ross is most likely kicking his feet up after releasing his fifth solo album, God Forgives, I Don’t. He’s supposedly on track to sell 200,000 copies, dropped two videos (“3 Kings” and “911”) this week, and will have Andre 3000 direct his next video for the standout song “Sixteen.” While the Bawse can finally relax a bit, there still work to be done in other parts of the Maybach Music Group collective. Enter Gunplay, who has managed to build himself up to a solo force in hip-hop.

In a recent interview with VIBE, the “Rollin’” MC talked about his upcoming Def Jam/MMG debut titled Bogotá, his role in the MMG crew, and how Rozay wants his artists to succeed. If Gunplay continues on this hot streak of high-energy anthems, Wale and Meek Mill may have to make some room up there at the top. Read some excerpts below.

On what Gunplay brings to the MMG crew:

I bring that wild shit. The charisma. That I-don’t-give-a-fuck attitude. I don’t worry about what people driving or wearing. I bring an air of unpredictability—you never know what I’m gonna say. It keeps people walking on eggshells. Other than that, I just bring that energy, I bring that, "damn you a rap nigga on TV why you still in the hood?" That’s why I salute Meek Mill—he be doing his blogs in the ’hood on bikes. I feel that and salute that.

On Rick Ross wanting his artists to succeed:

He got a big heart. If he sees that you’re really passionate and trying to get somewhere, if he can lend you a hand he definitely gon’ do that. If he feels like you’re ready to shine, he’s gon’ do that. He’s the boss, so no matter what you do, ain’t nobody really gonna outshine you. That’s the first rule of the game anyway: Never try to outshine the master. Its just not gonna happen. We go by the rules over here. We use strictly gangster conduct.

On his Def Jam debut Bogotá:

I caught a lot of slack for snorting that coke on video. They gave me a lot of slack so in turn I just want them to start feening for it, too. You know, go get that Bogota, man! The name Bogotá is a culture. I got a Bogotá bitch. Ride out Bogotá rims. I got Bogotá cocaine, you know? Bogota is a lifestyle.
It’s gonna be energy and a lot of pain. I’m about to sit down with Pharrell and a couple of other producers from the South. That’s the main priority right now, just making sure I get some time to sit down with [Pharrell] and knock something out. I know we’ll come out with something epic.

[via VIBE]