As far as delivery is concerned, Ross has pretty much plateaued, and that’s okay when you’re as good and versatile as he is. Ross is a nimble lyricist, capable of cruising through thumping trap beats with his peers or laying smooth bars on romantic cuts with Usher. Still, he hasn’t grown exponentially since the high points reached on Teflon Don.

Many would like to hear more rhymes about who he was before the fame and his supposed drug kingpin days—when he was just William Leonard Roberts on the block. Most are still clueless as to who Rick Ross really is.

On Rich Forever, Ross is clearly dealing with less pressure to impress and sounds more comfortable as a result. On his new album, he’s a bit more scattered, trying to cram in his usual tales of affluent exploits and coke-moving with more earnest insights about life.

Winner: Rich Forever