50 Cent is no stranger to feuds. We’ve seen the rapper clash with Ja Rule, Rick Ross, and even Oprah Winfrey. While he may take offense to some of their accusations against him, Fifty loves to incorporate humor whenever it can fit. Remember those cartoons on Officer Ricky? Yeah, Curtis is a jokester who's determined to always get the last laugh.

Earlier this week, Slim The Mobster went off on a Twitter rant with shots directly fired at Fifty. The Dr. Dre protégé said that Fif made a call to Interscope asking to cease promotion of his music, resulting in attempts to stall his career. He continued to accuse him of using artists like Game and Spider Loc to bring down the West Coast’s morale. He also believed Fifty has been working closely with the feds. The West Coast rapper even went as far as saying that Fifty was homosexual.  

Slim The Mobster may sound a little worked up by these claims, but Fifty seems to brush them off with a smile. This morning, he let loose some cryptic tweets about people who will always say outrageous things on Twitter for attention. One tweet got deleted quickly but pretty much sums up how he feels about the whole situation. Although, this is probably what he's really thinking.

Do you think Slim The Mobster will smile back? Let us know in the comments below.

CORRECTION: We found out that the retweet was a fake, however the other tweets are believed to be real. Fifty is implying this chain of tweets to someone, but who?

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