Producer: Kanye West

Album: Afrodisiac

Label: Atlantic

“Kanye’s cool. He knows exactly what he wants. When you work with people like that, you have to be as clear as they are. So we had a great time at the video shoot, he was basically helping with directing the video as well. It was fun working with him.

“No offense, but ‘Talk About Our Love’ was never really my choice to come out with. I had created a creative energy and a creative bond with Timbaland. What we were trying to do for the album, it was a completely different sound than ‘Talk About Our Love.’ It was just a little bit interesting for me, and I just wanted to keep the same consistency. But also, Kanye was hot at the time and I wanted to work with him too, but for me it was really what I was trying to create a creative bond with Timbaland. So that wasn’t my choice to come out with that first.”

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