Producer: Bangladesh

Album: Two Eleven

Label: RCA

“Chris Brown has always been a fan. He’s always been supportive of me, and he heard the song and got on it. Tina Davis has been down with me as well, so it was just a perfect thing. Plus, Chris Brown is a writer on the album so he was able to hear the song and just express himself. He really got in there and did his thing. I had no clue he was gonna rap and sing. So when I heard it I was like, ‘Oh well, this is hot. I guess I’ll be doing a song with Chris Brown.’ Can’t take him off of it. It’s too hot [laughs].

“Some of the upbeat songs [on Two Eleven] are very much like ‘Put It Down.’ But then you have the classic... me on the album as well. It definitely has an edge and grit to it, kind of like what Afrodisiac had. It’s definitely futuristic R&B. I’m happy to work with people like Sean Garrett, Rico Love, Ester Dean, Frank Ocean and Chris Brown."