Rappers and athletes have a lot in common: flashy cars, big houses, beautiful babes, and so on. The only major difference seems to be that many rappers claim to push weight, and athletes just lift weight. Either way, it makes sense that rappers give verbal nods to the same guys they gave physical nods to while buying bottles at the club the night before. And, well, five-time NBA champion Los Angeles Laker Kobe Bryant gets lots of nods.

Just in time for Kobe’s 34th birthday, which happens to be today, we’ve compiled a list of the Black Mamba's greatest guest appearances off the court. Even though Kobe would probably prefer the type of gift that would make Vanessa mad, this is the best we can do. Continue reading for 34 of the greatest Kobe Bryant rap references.

Written by Hana May (@hanamaymay)

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