His Personality

SpaceGhostPurrp: “I consider myself a ladies man. I never saw myself as the type of nigga who was the killer on the block or a hit-man. I was the ladies man. I was always the one texting five bitches at one time. Kids would come up to me like, ‘Yo these kids at the park talking shit—let's get them!’ I would say, ‘Aww man, y'all niggas is stupid!’

“You gotta watch who you surround yourself with. I'm still learning that cause I'm a good person, I got a good heart. But I don’t take nobody’s bullshit when they get out of line. That’s my problem, I always surround myself with those types of people and I gotta learn from that.

“But two years ago I was a wild nigga. I wouldn’t say I was in the streets doing wild shit but when I was 19, we were wilding out. We didn’t give a fuck. Any nigga who disrespected us would get their ass whooped. We was retaliating on niggas, so I'm letting the fans know I'm not a buster.”