His first album, Blvcklvnd Rvdix 66.6

SpaceGhostPurrp: “All my projects are gonna have a different setting. It’s gonna give you a different vibe. That project was to show kids nowadays how we used to rap back in the day, growing up in school with that ‘90s flow.

“I'm gonna be real—a lot of kids who are like 16, 17, they’re influenced by Drake or J. Cole. They come off with that flow. That’s who inspires them. Drake’s got an amazing-ass flow but on Blvcklvnd, I was saying 'Lemme show these kids what inspired my flow when I was young.'

“So it was a whole tribute to all of the ‘90s, like Three 6 Mafia and it had a tiny bit of Wu-Tang. I just wanted to give the kids that ‘90s feel so they can know that there's still ‘90s hip-hop heads out here. That’s a playa EP. That’s for niggas like me, throughout the whole EP I'm laid back. I'm rapping about some playa shit, sipping Alize with lean, sitting with a bad bitch.”