Meech: “We spoke to a few guys. It's a weird situation for them because it's like they see “Thug Waffle.” ‘Yeah, this is cool. Are these guys a gimmick? Is this real rap? What’s going on?’ They don’t really know. Every meeting that we had, I didn’t take it seriously. Not saying I didn’t take it serious but like you don’t know what the music is about. You can’t be that interested in us if you haven’t heard the music. What is it that you see that you like? Every meeting that we had I looked at, ‘What is it that you see that you like?’ The tape isn’t out. What do you really want? What are you interested in?

“You know, some people got the dream. ‘I’m trying to make it to the NBA.’ Then you got guys, ‘I’m trying to ball.’ He’ll go overseas. He’ll make it to the NBA. He’ll go anywhere, but he’s just trying to ball. I’m the nigga that’s that nigga. I’m not really necessarily like, ‘Yo I need to get signed to this label. I need a major label deal.’ That might not be the best situation. If somebody offers me a major situation-you guys out there-where I don’t have to sign my soul away, I’m down.

“I just want to make good music. Whoever wants to gravitate towards it. Whatever it's the masses, whatever it's indie. That’s the niche. Whoever makes your music. If you make your music, whoever likes it. They like it. I’m not really looking like I’m trying to be Billboard Top 40. I’m not at my crib like, ‘Yo, I need to make the top Billboard hits.’”

Erick: “I’m more interested in signing to label with artists that I like as a opposed to being on a major label. As long as like the people on this label, I’d sign it.”

Meech: “It’s definitely in your best interest. Not trying to sign a label and then they try to make me do some crazy shit that’s not us. I’ve seen that shit happen. I don’t need to name names, but I see this shit happen all the time. I’m not trying to make no bubblegum shit. No bubblegum rap. No kid’s bop.