Zombie Juice: “We never graduated high school. We kind of dropped out. We just stopped going. We went to different high schools. [I went] to Midwood High School and Pacific High School. It's a secondary alternative high school.”

Meech Darko: “I went to Medgar Evers High School. That school wasn’t the best school for me. I went. I was there.”

Juice: “My school was actually next to Central Booking. It’s literally connected to the same building.”

Meech: “My school wasn’t no Bookings and shit, but my school was small. When you out and a little outcast and shit, it's kind of hard to do what you do when you got a microscope on you.”

Erick Arc Elliott: “Me and Meech grew up on the same block. I’ve known him since we were four years old. Juice, I met him in high school. And we always chilled but then we started to make music eventually because of the fact that I was making beats and they would always be around. Meech would always freestyle. Juice would always do his shit. Eventually, we just recorded it. It kind of became to what it was.

“The fact that I’m Jamaican made growing up in Flatbush cool because culturally it was cool. We had people who were from the same place we were from. I had a lot of influence in my childhood. My style of music. Even the stuff I listen to. And just the fact that as a kid, you almost felt like everybody was a part of your family because it had that real organic homey feeling. They might not necessarily live on your block—they can just come through my basement. Take a piss in my bathroom and get food in my backyard. Come chill with my pops. That was the style. That’s how everybody was when we were younger.

“My school was on Coney Island Avenue. That wasn’t a terrible neighborhood. I guess technically it was still Flatbush. We were freshman in high school. You had dudes who were seniors that would come and pick on us all the time. To be honest, I didn’t get fucked with that much. But it was more like the environment was always there.”

Meech: “It was an aggressive environment. That’s all.”

Erick: “You had to always bring your guard. That’s probably how Brooklyn is in general. You always had to keep your eyes open. Anything can happen at any time.”