Meeting Kendrick, Schoolboy, and Jay Rock

Ab-Soul: “When I first came we were just in the process. I thought I was the best rapper in the world before I came to TDE [Top Dog Entertainment]. I got to TDE and realized that I might not be the best rapper in the world. Jay Rock and K Dot was there. At the time, Julio G was spinning Jay Rock’s record and there was just a lot of energy surrounding the movement that I took a liking to. And from there, I really wanted to contribute and expound on that note—take this and try to make it bigger than it already is.

"It was like the second time I had came to the studio when I met Kendrick and Jay Rock. I came to the studio and met Punch, he called me back, and I came and they were working on a record. I hopped right in and we've been a team since then. Schoolboy came into the studio one day. I was working on a record with Jay Rock. He said, ‘I'll rap.’ He put a verse on it. Put a verse on it. He's been there ever since. Just like that.

"Pressure is just not a word I like to use. I don't think that's a good word. I think it's just more of an adrenaline if anything. I'm not worried. Ultimately I still think I'm the best at the end of the day. These guys are very good; I'm with the elite players in the game, but ultimately this is my thing—ultimately. I was trying to do it per se before I even met these guys, so I owe myself to go hard every time. I can't be walking around fearful.”