His Nickname, Black Lipped Bastard

Ab-Soul: “I caught Steven Johnson syndrome when I was ten. I don’t have it still. I’m fine now. It’s pretty rare. That’s one of the reasons why it’s rare. it’s not really too easy to detect how you go about getting it. it’s just a certain type of bacteria.

"When I got had got sick when I was younger of course it affected my lip skin, so coming up in school I had very dark lips and my eyes were low. I had to wear shades and shit. So I was quite peculiar. People teased me about my lips, and say I look high. I didn't even start smoking weed until after I graduated from high school.

"That's another thing that hip-hop teaches you too. Guys like Kanye West and Eminem, they teach you that it's cool to be yourself even if it's not necessarily cool. I learned that. I learned to use my disadvantages to my advantage. Once I learned to do that. I'm sitting here talking to you. Exactly like the scene in 8 Mile.”