Album: Trilla
Label: Slip-n-Slide, Def Jam, Poe Boy
Producer: J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League
Memorable Line: "Some things your money can't buy/Like Heaven in the sky, even a better ride." (Rick Ross)

The first song from the series saw Rozay teaming up with Jay-Z, who showed most of us a Maybach for the first time in the video for "Dirt Off Your Shoulder." It's a strange experience listening to old Rick Ross songs in 2012. Lines like "Revenue incredible, it put me on a pedestal," and "Gang-affiliated, colors prosecutors painted" are a reminder that he's been trying to compose more intricate bars since the days of rhyming Atlantic with Atlantic. Still, back then, Ross' attempts at vocal dexterity were less riveting, as he hadn't mastered the use of his sluggish voice just yet.