During last year's Shady 2.0 cypher for BET, Yelawolf dropped some lines that Machine Gun Kelly took offense to. During his turn, the Alabama rapper said, "Plenty of white boys to pick from this year/But before you pick a pepper you better pick up your heater."

When asked about the line, Yela explained that he wasn't referring to MGK at all: "He's being sensitive. He thinks I'm talking about him [when I'm not]. The best thing that he could do is if he has a problem or if he has something he needs to say to me, just say my name, dog. This is hip-hop, if you've got something you want to rap about, just rap about it."

Things have been quiet on the Yelawolf/MGK beef front, but when asked about the situation recently during an interview with MTV, Machine Gun Kelly seized the opportunity to take a little jab, but he still insists that he's got respect for his elders.

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