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Common performed live for his hometown Chicago crowd this week at Metro, and during his set, he took a break from his many classics to kick a freestyle. Over a slowed down version of the "Otis" instrumental, Common asks a front row fan to give him a word to start his freestyle with, which the fan responds to by saying "juice," and then Common goes in for a good four minutes. It's a true, off the head flow, and one of the highlights comes when he raps to someone in the front of the crowd, "I could let you know yo I'm rhyming to 'Otis'/You got the camera so yo stay focused/I'm a let you know this is sort of slick/I'm a pause for a second take your picture real quick," and then the beat drops out and he poses for the picture on stage. So dope, Com! Check the entire freestyle in the video above.

 [via FakeShoreDrive]

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