Album: Welcome Back
Producer: The Movement
Label: Bad Boy

It’s no secret that Ma$e was once Kanye’s favorite rapper. After all, some of his first major placements as a producer were on Betha’s Harlem World compilation. So when a reformed Ma$e announced his return to the rap game in the summer of 2004, Kanye—who was the hottest new thing in music—just had to get involved. While Kanye didn’t make the Welcome Back album, he did bless Betha with a better-than-the-original remix, complete with a new Yeezy verse.

Not a bit intimidated by his idol, Kanye showed up M-A-Dollar on his own track, attacking the remix like he had a point to prove: “Round the same time Nas said ‘I Can’/Bush was sending our fam to Iran/I’m the club with Henny, ass in my other hand/Lord, please forgive me, I am just a man.” It left many wondering why we needed Ma$e if the understudy was better than the teacher.