Last night, Frank Ocean hit NYC for the second time this year, but the first since releasing his critically acclaimed albumchannel ORANGE. Long story short: The Odd Future-affiliated singer brought top-tier vocals to Terminal 5 and his band was just as crispy.

Those looking for a bone to pick may hold tight to the fact that his set list was a bit disjointed. It felt like he picked songs out of a hat. Each song he performed was amazing on its own, but records didn’t always seamlessly sequence into the next. He didn’t play his new fan favorite, “Pink Matter,” either.

Still, it was a wonderful and completely sold-out performance, filled with squeals from lady fans and an almost shockingly diverse reciting lyrics word-for-word. If you weren't there, or just want to relive the scene, here are five of the evening's best moments.

Written by Brad Wete (@BradWete)

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