Soulja Boy seems to be a little confused. The Stacks on Deck CEO fired shots on Twitter at viral Internet rapper Riff Raff, who was closely associated with Soulja Boy not too long ago. "Riff raff is not in sodmg" he tweeted, closely followed by “Riff Raff was never in Sodmg for real he faked and used our name to promote his garbage you owe us money pussy and u a cokehead.” Did he forget about those videos he made with Riff Raff? Or his Tweet welcoming his "newest artist" Riff Raff to SODMG last year?

Riff Raff told Complex there's no hard feelings—and it's true. Why should he worry  about a deal gone wrong with SODMG when he's got Mad Decent backing him now and Diplo buying him $45,000 chains? Soulja Boy, that would be a fail.