Album: Wreckx-N-Effect
Label: Motown
Producer: Teddy Riley

The dog pound. Burton Richardson's superhuman intro. Bill Clinton on the sax. These were just a few classic moments from the late-night TV classic, The Arsenio Hall Show. The show was also known for the variety of New Jack artists who were featured as musical guests, as well as its overall New Jack aesthetic (peep some of Hall's outfits).

The show's formal relationship with the genre started when Arsenio introduced the Teddy Riley-backed Wreckx-N-Effect back when the group was about to perform "New Jack Swing." The host called their music "the sound of the '90s" and "a combination of rap, hip-hop, R&B, and a lot of other grooves."

Wreckx-N-Effect killed the stage that night (no one was touching their Running Man), but the song itself was essentially an introductory manual to the style that was taking over the charts. Want to know why New Jack Swing was sweeping the nation? Want to know who's who in the genre? What about what to do when the ladies are spotted dancing at a party? Please refer to this 3:49 manual for instructions.